Our Approach


Safe and productive workplaces require vulnerable, servant leadership. Workplace culture must be modelled by an organisation's leadership.

with respect to D and I and Belonging, almost all discrimination and inequity stems from ignorance and misunderstanding. My philosophy is to address inequity and discrimination through the provision of information and through the telling of personal stories.

My Story

I was born in a small sugar cane growing town in North Queensland. From about the age of six, I knew I was different. I remember telling a group of boys, when I was eight that I was a girl. That did't go well, and I never spoke of it again.

By the time I was 25, I had learned about transgender people. I immediately recognised myself and knew I had to transition. I knew this would not be accepted by my father and so I made a pact with myself to transition only after he passed away.

I built a career and several businesses and got married. I forged a believable hyper-masculine identity based on the bushman skills of my father grandfather and uncle. By the time I was 50, I had been suffering depression for a decade at least. It finally became anxiety and panic attacks that were inescapable. My partner and I lost our business, our personal wealth and our marriage. We do however remain best of friends who support each other possibly better than we ever did.

In August 2015 I began my medical transition. In late November 2015, I flew to Sydney presenting as a man- it was a Friday. On the following Monday, I began working in my affirmed gender. My time in Sydney has been incredibly positive. Life is never without challenges as a transgender woman but mostly life is great.

For 5 years I ran the Trans Employment Program Australia and the associated #EmployTrans campaign.

I now run several business of my own while simultaneously leading important projects in areas like aged care.

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